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Eric Philips, Polar Eco-Adventurer - continued


Repair to solar panel

When you're in the middle of Antarctica, you can't just go to the shops to replace something you've broken! So Eric reuses things over and over again. He fixes all his equipment himself - by sewing ripped clothing and reusing spare bits and pieces for repairs.


Eric in fleece clothingEric also tries to close the recycling loop by using products made from recycled material.

Even in the coldest temperatures on Earth, he uses fleece clothing made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.




Kites harness wind power

On his expeditions Eric travels huge distances in extremely difficult terrain. He does this without burning any fossil fuels for transport. Instead he uses sustainable, renewable energy sources. He walks, skis, or kayaks using his own body energy. And he uses kites and ice-yachts to harness the power of the wind to tow him across the ice.

Solar panel

Eric also relies on energy from the sun. He carries a solar panel which he uses to power all his electronics - including video cameras, VHF radio, an MP3 player and satellite telephone.


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