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Ollie's Island

Ollie's Island
Join a more grown up Ollie and his friends on a series of comic misadventures as they discover where everything they eat, drink, use and wear comes from.Visit Ollie's Island

Ollie Saves the Planet

Ollie Saves the Planet
Join Ollie and his friends as they Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink their actions in the areas of Waste, Water, Energy, Air and Biodiversity to save the planet and move towards Visit Ollie Saves The PlanetSustainability.

Ollie Recycles

Ollie Recycles
Join Ollie and his friends as they come to understand the 3R’s - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and the importance of waste minimisation, litter prevention, Visit Ollie Recyclesresource recovery and recycling.


A range of resources for educators to help incorporate environmental themes into curricula. Use the extensive lesson plans within the classroom or access other materials Educatorsto create your own resources.

Ollie News

Ollie News
Updates on Ollie programs and events.Ollie News


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