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Ollie visits the Royal Melbourne Show

In September 2003, Ollie went to Royal Melbourne Show. Every day, he took to the stage in the Agricultural Learning Centre, giving out prizes of free CD ROMs and joining kids in a dance to his rap song.

Ollie on stage at Royal Melbourne Show

Although he didn’t go on any rides, Ollie did get to make some friends in the animal nursery next door!

Ollie and friends at Royal Show

Ollie’s mum and dad also went to the show. Here they are with members of the RASV, as well as a few chickens and a very noisy piglet!

Ollie's mum and dad with RASV member
Peter Broadbent, Jane Stewart, Jack Seymour (President, The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria) and Adnan Mansour (Chief Operating Officer, RASV)


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