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Leading environmental educator helps develop the USA Ollie Program

Dr Deborah (Bora) SimmonsDr Deborah Simmons a leading environmental educator in the USA has joined the Working Team to help with the development of the made for USA version of the Ollie Saves the Planet Program.

Bora, as she likes to be called, has nearly 20 years experience in the development of environmental education materials and is currently the Director of the National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education. Bora is also a Past President of the North American Association of Environmental Education, serves on numerous steering committees and boards of directors, including the National Environment and Education Partnership and Environmental Education and Conservation Global; and is an Executive Editor of the Journal of Environmental Education.

For her various achievements in research and service, Bora has received the Walter E. Jeske Award for Outstanding Contributions to Environmental Education (NAAEE, 2000), Outstanding Contributions to Research in Environmental Education (NAAEE 1996), Applied Research Award (Progressive Architecture, 1987), Applied Research Award, International Design, 1987), Applied Research Award (Progressive Architecture,1985), and Design Research Recognition Award (National Endowment for the Arts, 1983).

The Producers of the Ollie Saves the Planet Program are thrilled to have Bora as part of their development team and have already received invaluable input from her about different aspects relating to the content and delivery of the made for USA version of the program.


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