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Large blocks of steel, created at the end of the steel-making process.

A substance used to kill or stop the growth of insects.

Animals without backbones. The majority of animal species are invertebrates, eg insects, spiders, worms, corals, sponges and jellyfish.

Iron oxide
A chemical found in many rocks, which is formed by iron reacting with oxygen. Also known as rust.

Supplying water to land or crops to help plant growth.


Disposal site for solid waste, where waste is buried and covered over with soil.

Liquid containing contaminants from a landfill site.

A heavy metal that is harmful is breathed or swallowed.

A hard rock containing calcium carbonate that is used as a building material and in the making of glass and cement.

A packaging material made from cardboard covered by thin layers of plastic, or both plastic and aluminium. Used to make milk and juice cartons.


An animal that feeds its babies milk. It has warm blood and breathes air, has a backbone, and usually has hair or fur.

A hard grey metal which is an important ingredient in special steels and magnetic alloys.

A heavy metal that can build up in the environment and is very harmful if breathed or swallowed.

A natural gas produced when plant or animal matter breaks down. It is one of the major greenhouse gases and can be collected to produce biomass energy.

A microscopic organism, such as a bacteria, virus or fungus.

A group of atoms bonded together. It is the smallest particle of any substance that can react with another substance.

A brittle silver-grey metal used in some alloy steels.

A Materials Recovery Facility, where solid waste is sorted out for recycling or disposal in landfill.

Putting a layer of plant material (like straw, dead leaves or woodchips) around plants to hold moisture, stop weeds going and add nutrients to the soil.

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