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Products with Recycled Content, continued

There are thousands of products around that are made from recycled material. Every time you buy something made form raw materials, check to see whether there is an alternative made from recycled material. These are just a few of the different products you can buy in Australia that can be made with recycled content:

  • Animal care products animal bedding, kitty litter, dog kennels and pet toys.
  • Furniture home, office, school and outdoor furniture
  • Garden compost bins, cubby houses, soil, gardening and watering products.
  • Household toilet paper, tissues, kitchen paper, serviettes and cleaning cloths.
  • Office products Computers, photocopiers, fax machines, ink cartridges and office paper.
  • Packaging glass, aluminium, steel, plastic, paper, and cardboard containers and packaging.
  • Stationery greeting cards, string, carry bags, wrapping paper, pads, notebooks, pens, pencils and desktop accessories.
  • Textiles clothing, art and craft material, sleeping bags and pillows.

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