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Words to Ollie’s Rap Song

(Wow!)Ollie and friends dance to Ollie's rap song
(It's Ollie!)
(Hey everyone, Ollie's here.)
(Yeah! Alright! Let's go.)

Hey everybody (hi), Ollie's in town
And to save the planet he's gonna show us around (cool)
So, come along let's do it (yeah)
We gotta clean up the world, get to it (okay)
There's lots of things that we can do
To make the planet cleaner for me and you
If you wanna learn how it's easy (how?)
Anyone can help, you'll see

Air! (yeah) Breathe it in, breathe it in
Let's clean up the air, that's where we begin

Water! (hmmm) Cool and fresh
But we can't live without it, so what's next?

Energy! (energy) We gotta use it very carefully

Waste! (waste) Everything that we throw away
(Well, where does it all go? I don't know)

Every little thing on the planet is connected
Everything plays its part (I see)
But if one part is missing we all get affected
We need biodiversity

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink
So stick around and you will see
What's cool? - sustainability!

(Yeah! Sustain ability, we need that man.)
(That sounds cool. Ollie, wait for us! Oh come on… oh man.)


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