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Download free ixla Web Easy software

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To use the interactive tutorial

  1. Load the Web Easy software onto the hard drive of your computer (either from the Ollie Recycles CD_ROM, or from the web site).
  2. Open Web Easy.
  3. From the Help menu, click on Interactive Tutorial. The Tutorial window is displayed.
  4. Icons for the tutorial topics are displayed on the left side of the Tutorial window. Click the arrow at the bottom of the list to scroll to see more of them.
  5. Click an icon to display a Tutorial topic, for example, Rollover.
  6. The Making a Rollover button for DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Mark up Language) window is displayed. Roman numerals are displayed on the left side of the Tutorial window.
  7. Click the first number to complete the first step. The tutorial shows you how to do it. A tick appears over the number when you have completed a step.
  8. Continue the steps until you have completed the activity.
  9. Click Go Back, to return to the main Tutorial page.

Understanding the Interface

When you start IXLA Web Easy Express, the Activity Centre is displayed.  The IXLA Web Easy Express interface is based on taskbars, toolbars, menus and buttons.  The taskbar appears on the left side of the screen. The toolbar and menu bar appear along the top. For each topic selected on the taskbar, the relevant buttons appear on the toolbar.  The Photo Browser appears at the bottom of the screen and provides a visual access to your files.


The taskbar to the left of the screen consists of three grey category buttons; Home, Edit and Tools.

When you click a category button, you display one of the three taskbars the Home taskbar, the Edit taskbar or the Tools taskbar.  Each of these taskbars is a special toolbar area that contains a related group of buttons.

Home Taskbar

When IXLA Web Easy Express starts, the Home taskbar is selected by default. You are ready to create documents, build and publish them on the Internet, import images or display the Activity Centre.

Edit Taskbar

After you create or open a document, the Edit category contains toolbars that allow you to work with items in your document. It provides options to edit pages, photos, texts and shapes or arrange items.

If you try to select the Edit category before you have an open document, IXLA Web Easy Express prompts you to create a new document.

Tools Taskbar

The Tools group provides access to Assistants and Multimedia options. 

Photo Browser

The Photo Browser displays the contents of the currently selected folder.  It is continuously open, however it can be minimised to save screen space when you are not using it.

Simply drag and drop photos, clip art, frames, textures and other items from the Photo Browser onto your document.  To drag-and-drop an item, click it with the left mouse button and hold the mouse button down, drag the item by moving the mouse pointer onto your document, then drop the item by releasing the mouse button.

Navigating IXLA Web Easy Express

There are two ways to use the tools in IXLA Web Easy Express;

  • Clicking buttons on the toolbars
  • Choosing Menu commands

To find the button that you need on the toolbar

Click a category button to display a taskbar.  For example, click the Edit button to display the Edit taskbar.

  1. Click a button on the taskbar to display the related toolbar.  For example, click Page to display the Edit page toolbar.
  2. Click a tool on the toolbar. For example, click the Insert button to insert a page.

To choose a menu command

You can perform the same action using the menu commands. For example, to insert a new page from the menu:

  1. From the Insert menu, click Page.
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