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Who We Are

Beverage Industry Environment CouncilBeverage Industry Environment Council (BIEC) and its member companies are a leading force in the development of environmentally responsible waste management practices.  They actively support the development of the extensive kerbside recycling infrastructure in Australia in co-operation with Federal, State and local Government.  BIEC has made significant contributions to the reduction of litter in Australia.

BIEC activities are funded through a voluntary levy system on the sale of beer and soft drink.

Our Values

On behalf of the beverage industries, we are committed to positive environmental outcomes. This is best achieved when responsibility is fairly shared by government, industry and the community. We actively uphold and support the principle of pro-active self-regulation.  Our ethos is towards action, innovation and improvement through flexibility teamwork and open co-operation.

Our Mission

To promote the interest of the beverage industry through the co-operative development of public policies and environmental programs.

Our objectives

  • To commission, gather and disseminate the most accurate, up to date and relevant research information on resource recovery and litter abatement.
  • To support efforts including those of local Government, which seek greater effectiveness and efficiency in resource recovery.
  • To support programs that change community attitudes and behaviour to prevent and reduce littering.
  • To assist and support the development of public policy which endorses the most environmentally effective and economically sustainable waste management practices.

For further information contact:

Beverage Industry Environment Council
The Stables
Rear 117 Harris Street
Pyrmont NSW 2099

Tel: 02 9568 6155
Fax: 02 9518 6577


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