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Ecorecycle VictoriaEcoRecycle Victoria has been created to bring about significant changes in the way Victoria addresses resource recovery, recycling and waste management.

EcoRecycle has the responsibility for minimising the waste we create, optimising the recovery for beneficial purposes of any waste we do create and managing residual waste in a way which protects the environment.

The formation of EcoRecycle Victoria is a major part of the Victorian Government's strategy to eliminate unnecessary waste and promote the sustainable use of Victoria's resources.

Their aims are to:

  • To incubate and nurture the growth of an ethos of environmental sustainability throughout the Victorian community.
  • To ensure that every Victorian has the information needed and opportunity to make environmentally sound choices in purchasing goods and services.
  • To ensure that a viable system exists statewide to recover unwanted materials for recycling, reuse or energy recovery, in preference to them being discarded.
  • To foster, wherever practicable, partnerships that add value and engender ownership of initiatives, programs and infrastructure.

EcoRecycle Victoria is geared to work with industry, local government, the education system and the broader community to encourage viable long term solutions in waste management.

For further information contact:

EcoRecycle Victoria
Level 2, 478 Albert Street
East Melbourne 3002
Victoria, Australia

Fax: 03 9639 3077
InfoLine: 1800-353-233


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