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Alcan - Cash for Cans
Fantastic new website about Cash for Cans in the UK with a fun game and lots of free stuff to download.

Earth Day Online Games
List of lots of great online environmental and animal games from Kids Domain.

Recycle City
Learn lots more about recycling and play the Dump Town game.

Use It Again Interactive Zone
Play the Environmental Snakes and Ladders game, test your environmental credentials, and win prizes.

Download the free Ecocal software to measure your personal impact on the environment and see how green your household is.

Wastewatch Kids Home Page
Games and puzzles, a quiz, and lots more fun things to do with waste.

Nonpoint Source Kids Pages
Play games and learn about water pollution.

Ecokids Recycling Activities
Fun activities which involve recycling at home.

NIEHS Kids Pages
More games and puzzles about the environment.

Discovery Channel School
Get help with your homework, play games and adventures, and find lots of links to pages about science and nature.

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