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Hi, try some of the cool games we've built for you to play. We're building some more really great games and they should be ready soon.

  • Super Hero Sorting Game
    Ollie made this game when he was a Super Hero saving the world.

  • Energy Saving Game
    How low can you make the energy usage meter go?

  • Word Scramble Game
    Can you unscramble the mess we made and see all the correct words.

  • BlockDrop - This is a cool Tetris-style game. You have to try and make a wall out of the blocks dropping from the top of the screen.

You can find more great games to play at the clubhouses for Ollie's Adventures or visit the Adventures of Ollie for free games to download.

Adventures of Ollie - Free Games & Flash Movies
Adventures of Ollie - See the fun adventures I have with my friends, play more free games online and try our free download games!



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