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'Ollie's World' is the umbrella site for the suite of "Ollie" web sites, produced to support the "Ollie" Programs in various countries. 'Ollie's World' contains two sections - one for adults and one for kids.

Adult section

The adult section contains information about:

  • Educational concepts for each Ollie Program
  • Details about the companies and organisations involved in each Program
  • How companies and organisations can become involved in supporting the distribution of Ollie CD ROMs into schools and community groups throughout the world.
  • News on current events related to the Ollie Programs.
  • Information for teachers and community groups.
  • The Ollie online shop, where Ollie software and associated products can be purchased.

Kids' section

The extensive kids' section has information for children worldwide, about the 4Rs:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle, and
  • Rethink.

These concepts are applied to 5 action issues:

  • Waste
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Air, and
  • Biodiversity

These issues are brought into context under the organising principle of Sustainability.

Our Goal for Ollie's World

Our goal is to make Ollie's World a child-friendly, comprehensive resource centre - presenting information on all sorts of issues relating to sustainability principles. Characters and activities from the 'Ollie' CD ROM Programs are incorporated into a fun and stimulating website. Children can extend their knowledge of sustainability and its related issues, in a fun and entertaining way.

Examples, activities and competitions

The Ollie's World website maximises the power of the Internet by showcasing examples of sustainable practices, developed in homes, schools and businesses from around the world. It hosts a range of activities and competitions in which students are asked to:

  • Take action in their local areas, then
  • Record and present their results in their own web pages.

Ollie's web building software

To create their web sites, students or schools can use Ollie's web page authoring software, available on the 'Ollie' CD ROM - or from this website.

Publication of competition winners

The web sites created by competition winners will be published as part of 'Ollie's World', in the Gallery section. These documented projects will act as examples of best practice in a variety of areas, and will be a source of inspiration for teachers and other students around the world.  


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