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Ollie's Unique Strategies

The success of the Ollie Suite of Programs is based on a combination of unique strategies in production, distribution, dissemination and promotion.

The Program creators, Sustain Ability International Pty Ltd, understand that the number of people who use it marks the success of any edu-tainment product. With this in mind, they seek wide-ranging support in key areas:

Content development

From teachers, academics environmentalists, government and industry representatives. This support ensures that program content is in line with:

  • Educational curricula, environmental guidelines, government policies and industry practices.
  • All of the NEW and URGENT strategies necessary to achieve a sustainable planet


From a range of organisations to fund the distribution of one free copy of the CD into every primary school.

Dissemination and promotion

Comprehensive dissemination and promotional campaigns see local groups use the Ollie Programs as a resource for their own environmental education programs, or as a first time resource.

With this support, Ollie finds his way into classrooms and lesson plans around the world.


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