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Sustain Ability InternationalSustain Ability International P/L is an Australia company specialising in the development of interactive environmental education programmes. Our goal is to educate communities about their connection to planet earth and their "ecological footprint" so that practical steps can be taken to lessen this adverse impact and reverse current planetary degradation.

As a priority, we believe that children must be given a holistic view on sustainable living through practical application of environmental issues incorporated into every level of their schooling. Teachers, parents and children must learn to appreciate where products and services come from, where waste goes and what their daily consumption of goods and services does to human and other living species.

The true origin of our environmental company came from one of its directors, Noel Stewart who has been involved in the recycling industry in Australia for over 30 years. Noel was one of the first collectors to introduce kerbside recycling in Australia and in Malaysia and it was through this first hand experience that he recognised the need for environmental education programmes. He saw that education was the key to the future of our planet and was the inspiration behind our pioneering works in interactive environmental education programmes. Ollie Recycles was the first in a series of such programmes and is centred around the ideas of waste minimisation, resource recovery and recycling.

We have now begun a worldwide campaign to distribute and disseminate the Ollie Programme. Having created and launched the Programme in Australia we are now ready to enter other countries and adapt Ollie to suit the local environment and conditions. We will also create a country specific Ollie Website for each region so that local news and events as well as unique industry practices can be posted for all local users.

As more and more countries come on board, we will encourage international discussion of environmental issues between children across the world. We will then introduce these users to new interactive educational programmes centred around other important environmental issues.

To contact Sustain Ability International Pty. Ltd. :

Sustain Ability International Pty. Ltd.
Camberwell 3124

Tel: 613 9817 7722
Fax: 613 9817 1466
Website: www.sustain-ability-int.com

Sustain Ability International is also a Nationally Accredited Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia delivering training in occupational health and safety and manual handling. 

For more information about this side of the organisation contact us on the details above or go to:

Backsafe Australia - Manual handling and back injury prevention training  


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