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Ollie’s Island is primarily targeted towards teenagers although other sectors of the community will also find the program’s information stimulating and thought provoking.

Users can choose the Story Mode to follow the program’s narrative around Ollie’s virtual island and complete a series of set tasks at the end of 10 episodes.

Alternatively users can choose the Activity Mode which allows them to create their own pathway through all of the information and activities of the program.

Accessing the program’s content in either mode will allow the user to explore activities that show chains of production and consumption across a range of different industries. These activities will help the user understand which industries contribute to different products and how different products are made. Further activities will look at the impacts of this production and consumption and demonstrate the need to manage our natural resources wisely. Another set of activities will revolve around ideas of sustainable consumption.

Supporting these activities will be a comprehensive reference section called the Ebook with further information on key issues and industries covered in the program.

Linked to this section will be a series of case studies set in local conditions in Australia and showcasing best practice examples of sustainable practices.


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