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The Ollie’s Island Program has been developed using the latest in interactive technology and multimedia delivery whilst incorporating a number of key educational principles. The program’s material is based on a view of learning that acknowledges a student’s active role in the learning process. Rather than simply bombarding the student with a multitude of facts and figures, the program’s content is delivered through a series of interactive experiences that encourage the user to explore the content at their own pace and along their own learning pathways.

The content of the program also builds on educational pedagogies such as critical thinking and inquiry based learning. Students are challenged with a range of p roblem solving activities at varying levels of complexity, allowing for individual achievement. Following best practice in environmental education, the Ollie’s Island program also encourages students to commit to taking personal actions in a number of key areas of sustainability.

The ultimate goal of the program is to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and values as they become active, self-directed learners and ethically responsible citizens. The educator’s role in this program is to help students make sense of issues for themselves, rather than telling them what they need to know. To complement the interactive learning experience and extend the scope of the program, a series of comprehensive Units of Work have also been provided for educators to employ in the classroom.



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