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The Ollie Suite of Programs is an interactive environmental education initiative that encourages children, their parents, teachers, and community groups to appreciate their connection to the natural world and to understand their own impact on the environment. The first program was released back in 1999 and has been updated with new content and new interactivity most years since then. Today Ollie is used by thousands of students in classrooms all over the world.

To support the ongoing dissemination of Ollie's message all over the world, the producers of the program have released new resources for teachers and community educators.

These Units of Work have been developed to fit educational conditions in the USA, UK and Australia. The units are designed on the enquiry learning process and incorporate a range of forms - including analysis, problem solving, discovery and creative activities – to be used both in the classroom and in the community. The units fit into a number of teaching styles and lend themselves to student directed learning.

These Units of Work are derived from the Ollie Saves the Planet and Ollie's Island CD ROM Programs which are both still available through our online shop. The Ollie Saves the Planet Program is suitable for elementary/primary and lower middle year students while the Ollie's Island Program is suitable for upper elementary/primary and middle year students.

The Units of Work can be downloaded from this website for USD $8.95 each. An Overview to all Units of Work can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE. This will help educators understand the depth and scope of the Units and how to best use them in their classroom planning.

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