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ACT Government logo The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government is unique in Australia because it has the functions that in other parts of Australia are delivered separately by the state government and local councils. This includes city planning, transport, education, health, justice, energy and water supply.

While the ACT is recognised locally and prides itself on being the ‘bush capital’, with lots of space, parks and bushland, it is also Australia’s National Capital.

The ACT Government is committed to building a sustainable Canberra to ensure current and future generations:

  • Stewart Chapman, Karen Civil and Jennie Gilles from the ACT Government, Department of Territory and Municipal Services, Sustainability Policy and Programs receiving their supporter awardhave a strong, diverse and productive economy,
  • have a strong, healthy and just society,
  • use resources efficiently and to their full value, and
  • live within environmental limits.

Some of the key Government plans and strategies to ensure a sustainable future for the Territory include:

  • The Canberra Plan and its sub plans – The Canberra Spatial Plan, The Economic White Paper and The Canberra Social Plan
  • People Place Prosperity , the sustainability policy for “providing for people, protecting our place and creating prosperity, now and into the future
  • The Sustainable Transport Plan
  • ACT Greenhouse Strategy
  • ACT No Waste Strategy
  • Think water, act water , for sustainable water resource management
The ACT Government is also developing new policies on critical sustainability issues, including water, energy and climate change.

For more information about the sustainability initiatives of the ACT Government contact :

Contact Details:

Department of Territory and Municipal Services


13 22 81

Email: sustainability@act.gov.au





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