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Australian Wool Innovation

Australian Wool Innovation LimitedAustralian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI) is a research and development corporation funded by Australian woolgrowers and the Australian government. Their mission is to drive research, development and innovation that will increase the long-term profitability of Australian woolgrowers.

Dr Paul Comyn receiving the supporter award for the Australian Wool Innovation LimitedAWI initiates, commissions and delivers research and development to Australian woolgrowers. They work through alliances and contracts and where possible, they commercialise R&D outcomes. Their primary aim is the adoption of technology - on farm and along the global wool pipeline.

They also provide trade development and market intelligence services on behalf of Australian woolgrowers. Their role is to provide government with economic and social data to support Australian representations to other nations.

For more information about the Australian Wool Innovation Limited contact:


Australian Wool Innovation Limited
Level 5, 16-20 Barrack Street
NSW 2000


(02) 9299 5155
AWI Helpline 1800 070 099 (free call)

Fax: (02) 9299 9880





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