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Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Fisheries Research Development Corporation

The seafood industry is Australia’s fourth most valuable food-based primary industry with a landed value of more than $2 billion a year. More than 3.5 million Australians recreationally fish each year spending a further $1.8 billion annually. For indigenous communities the fishing industry not only provides sources of income but also pays a significant role in their culture and daily life.

Peter Horvat receiving the supporter award for the Fisheries Research and Development CorporationWith these figures in mind the Australian community should understand and appreciate that fish are a valuable, community-owned and renewable resource that must be managed carefully using the best information available.

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) is one of the leading research and development organisations within the Australian fishing industry. It is co-funded by its stakeholders, the Australian Government and the fishing industry. Its main objective is to invest strategically in research and development that benefits the whole fishing industry – commercial, recreational and indigenous.

The FRDC works with its partners to ensure that fisheries ecosystems are used in a sustainable way so that future generations have access to a plentiful supply of fresh healthy fish. Not only does the research carried out by the FRDC aim to ensure the sustainability of Australia’s natural resources, it also aims to raise awareness in key fisheries-related issues such as industry development, social and economic impacts on fishing and the health benefits of seafood.

For more information about the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and some of the research programs it funds contact:


Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
PO Box 222
Deakin West
ACT, 2600


(02) 6285 0400
(02) 6285 4421





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