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Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy FoundationThe Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation was established in 2001 to increase the international competitiveness of the Victorian dairy industry. The Foundation was named after Geoffrey Gardiner, a Victorian dairy farmer and prominent industry leader, in memory of his strong long-term visions and tireless efforts for the Victorian dairy industry. By carrying the Gardiner name, the Foundation continues to inspire dairying families to be advocates for their industry with pride and a focus on the future.

The Foundation's role is to fund activities for the benefit of the Victorian dairy industry and dairying communities. This includes research, development, extension, technology transfer, education, training, skills development and projects benefiting Victorian dairy communities.

Since it began the Foundation has funded the following projects;

  • Fifty small projects to the value of $10.6 million, with the Foundation’s contribution being $1.8 million.

  • Five major research projects to the value of $19.3 million, with the Foundation’s contribution being $4.4 million.

  • Thirteen community development projects as a part of the small project allocations, to the value of $0.5 million, including drought support work.

  • The National Herd Improvement Association (NHIA) for two years at $300,000 per annum.

For more information about the Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation contact:


Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation Limited
Level 1, 84 William Street
VIC 3000


(03) 9606 1900
(03) 9606 1999

Email: info@gardinerfoundation.com.au



For more information about the dairy industry please contact Dairy Australia on:


03 9694 3777
03 9694 3733





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