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Horticulture AustraliaHorticulture Australia (HAL) is a key marketing and research partner to the horticulture industry. They work with individual horticultural industries to help them plan, develop and manage programs that address the needs of their industry, now and into the future. HAL also brings the expertise and experience it has gained in working across all industry programs to benefit individual sectors. Capturing the synergies between industry programs delivers time and cost savings and aids in the application of best practice.

Cathy Sage receiving the supporter award for Horticulture Australia LimitedThrough HAL, horticultural industries are able to access matching Australian Government funding for all Research and Development activities. HAL is owned by industry producer representative bodies, and industry members elect the board of HAL at the annual general meeting.

A class member of HAL include:

  • Apple and Pear Australia Ltd
  • Almond Board of Australia
  • Avocados Australia Limited
  • Australian Citrus Growers Inc.
  • Australian Custard Apple Growers’ Association
  • Australian Dried Fruits Association
  • Australian Lychee Growers Association
  • Australian Macadamia Society Ltd
  • Australian Mango Industry Association Ltd
  • Australian Mushroom Growers’ Association Ltd
  • Australian Nashi Growers' Association Ltd.
  • Australian Onion Industry Association
  • Australian Papaya Industry Association Ltd.
  • Australian Passionfruit Industry Association Inc.
  • Australian Potato Industry Council Inc.
  • Australian Table Grape Association Inc.
  • Australian Vegetable and Potato Growers’ Federation
  • Cherry Growers of Australia Inc.
  • Chestnut Growers of Australia Inc.
  • Nursery and Garden Industry Australia
  • Persimmon Industry Association Inc.
    Strawberries Australia Inc.
  • Summerfruit Australia Ltd.

B class members of HAL include:

  • Australian Banana Growers Council Inc.
  • Australian Garlic Industry Association Inc.
  • Australian Nut Industry Council Ltd.
  • Australian Processing Tomato Industry Council
  • Australian Rubus Growers Association Inc.
  • Australian Sugar Plum Industry Association
  • Canning Fruit Industry Council of Australia
  • Growcom
  • Pistachio Growers Association of Australia Inc.
  • Tasmanian Pyrethrum Growers Commodity Group

For more information about Horticulture Australia contact:


Horticulture Australia Limited
Level 1, 50 Carrington Street
Sydney, 2000


(02) 8295 2300
(02) 8295 2399





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