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There are many articles that have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world promoting the series Ollie Programs.

Go to the links below to see a description of press articles, industry publications, and radio segments covering Ollie and his messages around the world.

Ollie's Island

Ollie Saves the Planet

Ollie Recycles

Press Release

Ollie Saves the Planet - Australia

10 Mar 2004

Minister for the Environment and Heritage Dr David Kemp
Keep the sea plastic free

20 Jan 2004

Kids go green with the Mitre 10 Junior Landcare Grants Program

18 Nov 2003

Support from Origin Energy helps teachers Save the Environment

17 Mar 2003

New environmental program gets young Aussies into Landcare

 6 Mar 2003

Post delivers environmental Hero

14 Feb 2003

Ollie CD ROM distributed to all Australian Schools

22 July 2002

Environmental Education: Australia Leads the way


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