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Green Electricity

'Green electricity' is energy made from renewable sources such as wind, hydro, biomass and solar. Solar and wind energy are the cleanest forms of electricity available, as their production does not make any greenhouse gases. Solar and wind are renewable energy sources, so by using them instead, we are not using up our natural resources.

Codrington Wind Farm

Green Earth

Green Earth logoOrigin Energy has made an environmentally friendly product for customers called Green Earth. Green Earth is made from 100% renewable electricity and that means no greenhouse gases.

Green Earth has been given the National Green Power Program tick of approval. For more information on the National Green Power Program please visit: www.greenpower.com.au

Girl with flowerThe power for Green Earth electricity comes from wind and water sources. By buying Green Earth, customers choose to have their electricity made from wind and water, rather than from non-renewable forms of electricity generation such as coal.

Origin Energy's Green Earth Plus is Australia's first and only 100% wind energy product.



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