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Media Release: March 17th 2003

New environmental program gets young Aussies into Landcare

Landcare Australia and Mitre 10 are undertaking one of Australia’s largest ever action-oriented environmental education programs – the Mitre 10 Junior Landcare Grants Program - with the aim of helping to improve Australia’s land and water resources.

Popular television personality and Landcare supporter, Ms Suzie Wilks said the landmark program, which could see up to 1,000 projects launched and managed by young Australians, provides funding for schools and youth groups to take part in a range of projects to help care for their local environment.

“Our kids will determine the future of our environment and programs like this help develop an environmental ethic amongst thousands of young Australians,” Ms Wilks said.

Landcare Australia Chief Executive Officer, Brian Scarsbrick, said the Mitre 10 Junior Landcare Grants Program aimed to create three-way community relationships between Landcare, corporate organisations and schools/youth groups.

"The nature of the Mitre 10 Junior Landcare Grants Program encourages ownership through involvement as kids not only learn how to help care for our environment but are provided with the resources to participate in local Landcare projects,” Mr Scarsbrick said.

Mitre 10 General Manager Marketing, Ian Tyson said last year Mitre 10 and Landcare started what is to become Australia’s Largest Home Improvement Project Ever.

“Mitre 10 is involved in home improvements for our customers and believe that by involving Australian youth in helping to improve the environment, we will be able to make a difference to our planet which is also our home,” Mr Tyson said.

Hundreds of grants will be allocated across Australia making this one of the most substantial and far-reaching educational programs ever undertaken. Most grant applications will be expected to have a value of up to $500 and are more likely to be successful if they:

  • involve the school community or broader local community;
  • have determined educational outcomes with an environmental focus;
  • are well planned and documented;
  • link with a community Landcare group; and
  • are student-oriented and allow maximum student involvement.

There are $200,000 worth of grants available in the introductory stages of the program and further corporate support is currently being generated to ensure the Grants Program continues to provide funding for schools in years to come.

The Program assessment dates are aligned with the state school calendars with two weeks allocated from the start of term for schools and groups to complete their applications. Successful applicants will need to spend the Grants funds within the calendar year that the funding was received however the actual project may be ongoing.

Application closing dates for the 2003 Grants Rounds are: 28 March, 9 May, 1 August, and 24 October.

Further information about the Grants Program is available on the Landcare Australia and Mitre 10 websites (www.landcareaustralia.com.au or www.mitre10.com.au). Earlier this month, more than 12,000 schools and youth groups across Australia received an educational ‘Ollie Saves The Planet’ CD ROM outlining how to apply for environmental care grants on the websites listed above.

Landcare is a not-for-profit, community organisation whose charter is to develop relationships between government, community and business sectors for the benefit of our environment.


For further information, an interview with Suzie Wilks or to get in contact with a Landcaring school in your state for a pictorial opportunity, please contact:

Zoe Carr at Haystac Public Affairs on (03) 9909 7813 or
Jodie Lewin at Landcare Australia on (02) 9412 1040.


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