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MITRE 10 logoMitre 10 is the largest independent hardware retailer in Australia. It was created in 1959 as a co-operative group of five hardware stores in Victoria that came together to share expenses and to demonstrate that independent operators offered service, advice and competitive prices.

Joanne Blair and Charlene Nguyen receive supporters award for Mitre 10The company grew very quickly around Australia with many independent operators joining the co-operative. Today, the Mitre 10 Hardware Group has more than 900 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In 2001, the business carried out a complete overhaul of its store format and branding. Now Mitre 10 offers a complete hardware and home improvement range through its three store brands.

Mitre 10 Handy stores are conveniently located hardware stores providing a quick and easy shopping trip for products required for the repair, maintenance and everyday functioning of urban homes.

Mitre 10 Solutions is a new style hardware store offering products, ideas and advice to assist consumers expressing their individual styles.

Mitre 10 Home & Trade sells comprehensive products and services for the building trade and serious “Do It Yourself” handymen and women who need successful building, renovation and project outcomes.

Mitre 10 is a company that is deeply and personally connected to the communities it serves. Ties between Mitre 10 stores and local communities have always proved invaluable as a way in which to contribute back to the community. Being an active participant in social causes strengthens relationships and helps in shaping Mitre 10 as a socially responsible organisation.

For more information on Mitre 10, contact them on:

Address: Marketing Department
Private Mail Bag 10
Doveton Vic 3177
Telephone: 03 9703 4200
Fax: 03 9703 4222
Website: www.mitre10.com.au



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