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Origin EnergyOrigin Energy is an Australian energy company. It supplies gas and electricity to more than 1.8 million people in homes and businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Origin Energy supports the 'Ollie Saves the Planet' program because they care about the environment and want to encourage responsible use of energy.

Chandran Vigneswaran receiving supporters award for Origin EnergyOrigin Energy has been in business for more than 140 years. It is involved in:

  • exploring and making natural gas and oil;
  • generating power;
  • selling and buying gas and electricity; and
  • distributing energy to customers.

Origin Energy wants to protect the environment for future generations. They do this by:

  • getting electricity from natural sources (such as the sun or the wind) and making electricity from natural gas;
  • offering fuels such as natural gas and Liquid Petroleum Gas that are better for the environment;
  • encouraging people to use energy in better ways; and
  • giving people a chance to use our Green Earth products to reduce the impact on the environment.

Origin Energy cares about the environment. They have found many ways of making energy while also caring for the world around them.

For more information on Origin Energy, visit their website at:




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