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Publishers National Environment Bureau

Publishers National Environment BureauThe Publishers National Environment Bureau (PNEB) was formed by Australian newspaper and magazine publishing companies in 1990 to help increase the recycling and recovery rate of old newspapers and magazines.

Newspapers perform a vital role in our democratic society, providing news, opinion and the means by which we can advertise our views or buy and sell our services or products.Frank Kelett receiving the supporters award for PNEB Australian newspapers are the product of a sustainable industry which has demonstrated its environmental credentials.

The environmental successes of Australian newspaper and magazine publishing companies have made them world leaders in old newspaper recycling and environmentally responsible production initiatives.

Together with Australia's newsprint manufacturer, Norske Skog Australasia, the PNEB developed voluntary national recycling plans for newspapers and magazines which were endorsed by the Australia and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council (now the Environment Protection and Heritage Council).

The most recent recycling plan, endorsed by ANZECC in July 2000, aims to achieve two objectives by December 2005:

  1. For the Producer/Publisher Group to collect 250,000 tonnes of old newspapers and old magazines for recycling a year.

  2. To achieve a recovery rate for old newspapers in Australia of 74%.

When the PNEB was formed in 1990, only 28 per cent of newsprint used in Australia was recycled. By 2001, the level has risen to 72.4 per cent, one of the highest in the world.

Current members of the PNEB are:

  • News Limited
  • John Fairfax Holdings Pty Ltd
  • PMP Communications Limited
  • Marinya Holdings (Rural Press) Pty Ltd
  • West Australian Newspapers Ltd
  • ACP Publishing Pty Ltd
  • APN Newspapers
  • Independent Print Media Group

If you'd like to find out more about the Publishers National Environment Bureau, contact them on:

Address: Suite 104, 10th Floor, 110 Sussex St, Sydney, Australia
GPO Box 5359, Sydney NSW 2001
Telephone: 61 2 92621164
Fax: 61 2 92626767
Email: paper@pneb.com.au
Website: www.pneb.com.au



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