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TelstraTelstra is Australia's leading telecommunications company, providing telecommunications services - fixed, mobile and Internet services - to most Australian households and businesses. As the national universal service provider, Telstra must ensure that telephone services, payphones and other telecommunications services are reasonably accessible to every person in Australia.

Claudio Senese, Megan Lane receiving supporters award for TelstraTelstra works in a wide variety of environments, from areas of great natural beauty and cultural significance to sprawling cities and industrial centres. While the majority of customers live in the densely populated coastal cities and regional centres, Telstra also provides services to communities in remote and rural areas, as well as to customers at sea and internationally.

Telstra's challenge is to provide services to this diverse range of settings in a manner that suits their unique character and environmental sensitivities.

Telstra is taking on the challenge of becoming a more environmentally sustainable company.

Telstra is demonstrating its commitment to move towards environmental sustainability in a number of ways and is committed to a high level of environmental performance that embraces the concept of sustainability in all of Telstra's activities.

For more information on Telstra:

Telephone: 1300 368 387
Website: www.telstra.com



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