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Visy Industries

Visy IndustriesVisy Industries was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1948 and has grown to become one of the world's largest privately-owned paper recycling and packaging companies.

Nick Harford, Leora Givoni receiving supporters award for VisyVisy provides a whole range of packaging products, including cardboard packaging such as boxes, PET plastic drink bottles, HDPE plastic drums and bottles, steel plate and aluminium cans and liquidpaperboard cartons. Through their recycling services, Visy collects or processes material from nearly 2 million households and about 40,000 businesses every week. This material is sorted and reprocessed so it can be used as a substitute for virgin materials.

Visy's main operating divisions are:

  • Visy Recycling, which collects waste paper and other recyclables for recycling
  • Visy Paper, which recycles collected waste paper into packaging paper.
  • Visy Board, which makes corrugated cardboard boxes from recycled packaging paper.
  • VisyPak, which produces a wide range of consumer and industrial packaging including PET bottles and jars, aluminium and tinplate cans, paperboard cartons and rigid plastic packaging.
  • Visy Specialities, designing and producing specialised printed and non-printed packaging products.

Visy Industries is committed to recycling and the environment. In 2000 the company won the prestigious Triple Bottom Line Award from the Australian Institute of Engineers (Victoria), and was voted Australia's leading company for environmental performance in a National newspaper survey.

For more information on Visy Industries, contact them at:

Address: Level 2, 533 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Telephone: (03) 9247 4777
Fax: (03) 9247 4747
Website: www.visy.com.au

Visy Recycling Visy Paper Visy Board VisyPak Visy Specialties



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