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Sensis is the media and advertising subsidiary of Telstra Corporation Limited, and manages some of Australia’s most iconic brands such as White Pages®, Yellow Pages®, Trading Post®, Sensis® 1234, Sensis.com.au, City Search ® and Whereis®.

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Sensis prints around 28 million Yellow Pages® and White Pages® directories each year, to be delivered to almost every home and business in Australia. Production of these directories requires a significant amount of paper.

Sensis produces and distributes approximately 22 million directories to nearly every household and business in Australia. The Sensis Directory Recycling Program was established in 1991 in the recognition of Sensis’ responsibility to manage its directory products through their whole life cycle. In most areas of Australia, old directories can be recycled in the same way as any other paper product - through normal household kerbside recycling collections and business paper and cardboard recycling .

Since 2000, more than 50 million directories have been recycled through the Sensis Directory Recycling Program. In 2003, over 67% of old directories were recycled.

Directory Recyling graph 1999-2003

Old directories are collected with other recyclables, sorted, and recycled into recycled cardboard packaging products.

Justin Lyster receiving supporters award for SensisFor more information about Sensis and its environmental initiatives, please contact;

Email: environment@sensis.com.au
Website: www.about.sensis.com.au






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