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Founded in 1977, our mission is to create a better understanding of water issues and to help resolve water resource problems through educational programs. To carry out that mission, our staff develop school programs and conduct teacher workshops; research and write publications; organize conferences; conduct water tours; design poster water maps; and produce public television documentaries and educational videos.

These programs and publications reach a broad audience, including policy-makers and leading stakeholders in agricultural, environmental and urban water groups; media; and teachers, students and the general public.

Children learning about water issues

The Water Education Foundation’s school programs are designed to help formal and non-formal educators and children learn about California water issues. All lessons are correlated to the California State Standards for Science, History/Social Science, and English/Language Arts. We organize teacher workshops to learn about water science, watersheds, water quality and other issues. In addition, we sponsor children’s water festivals and help students learn about the streams and rivers in their communities so that they can help protect their drinking water sources and the environment.


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