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Biodiversity in the United States

The United States has a very diverse range of plant and animal species living in its forests, prairies, mountains, wetlands, oceans and deserts. But not looking after our biodiversity has caused some species to become extinct and many more to become endangered.

Currently there are 517 species of animals and 746 species of plants in the United States which are listed as endangered or threatened. This includes species of:

  • Insects - such as butterflies and beetles.
  • Other invertebrates like clams, snails and spiders.
  • Plants - such as cacti and grasses.
  • Reptiles - such as snakes and turtles.
  • Fish and amphibians.
  • Birds - such as hawks and eagles.
  • Mammals - including bears, mice, bats, squirrels, deer, wolves and whales.

More information on Forests and Biodiversity
More information on Water and Biodiversity

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, 2003.

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