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Reusing at Home

You can reuse many things in your home everyday. Some great things to reuse are:

  • Plastic bags — plastic bags from the supermarket are strong and you can use them again and again. Once you have finished using them take them back to the supermarket to be recycled.
  • Cardboard boxes — these can be reused to store things in and around your home.
  • Furniture — remember that repairing things can make them last longer.
  • Video and Audio tapes — video tapes can be used again and again. So once you have watched your favourite movie enough times you can reuse the video to tape something else.
  • Textbooks — look after your school textbooks, so that students in a lower year can use them when you've finished with them.
  • Clothes — these can go from one family member to another. So look after them so they last a long time.
  • Old sheets and towels — even if old sheets and towels have been torn or ripped, they can still be reused as wiping rags in your home or for washing cars.
  • Household bits and pieces — Making gifts and other fun stuff is a great way to reuse things around the house that might have otherwise been thrown away.

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