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CHEP - Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool

CHEP - Commonwealth Handling Equipment PoolCHEP handles the world’s most important products everyday. It stands for the “Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool” and was started in 1946 when the American armed services pulled out of Australia at the end of World War II. Left behind were vast quantities of materials handling equipment like forklifts, cranes and pallets. CHEP was formed to lease this equipment to Australian industry. CHEP is now owned by Brambles of Sydney, a world leader in industrial services.

CHEP was the first company in the world to think of reusing equipment to distribute products from place to place. These days they use computers and other systems to keep track of all of their equipment and still lead the way in this creative reuse system. The worldwide CHEP organization operates in 42 countries across six continents, providing equipment pooling services to many diverse industries. Its services are based on five main product categories, which include more than 450 products.

CHEP entered the US market in 1990, and in less than a decade, the company has changed the face of material management in the food and consumer goods packaging industries. Throughout the world, CHEP now:

  • Issues, collects, repairs, washes and reissues more than 255 million pallets and containers
  • Handles more than 2.5 million equipment movements per day
  • Operates more than 500 service centers
  • Serves more than 500,000 manufacturer and retail distribution customers
  • Employs more than 7,500 professionals
  • Conducts business in 42 countries

CHEP is a real success story in the application of REUSE in the community.

For more information about CHEP, please visit their website or contact them at:


8517 South Park Circle
Orlando Florida 32819-9040

Toll free: 1.888.CHEP.(2437).111
Telephone: 407.370.2437
Fax: 407.563.2001
Email: chep@chep.com
Website: www.chep.com



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