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United States Postal Service

United States Postal ServiceThe United States Postal Service is the largest and most efficient mail service in the world. In the United States alone, they have thousands of employees who collect, transport, process and deliver 670 million pieces of mail every day to 137 million addresses all across the country.

Since the Postal Service began operating in the United States, it has played a vital role in the state of the nation – connecting all Americans, fueling the nation's economy and delivering billions of messages and billions of dollars in financial transactions each day.

The USPS is proud of its contribution to protecting and preserving the environment. In just 30 years, they have:

Turned the bureaucratic Post Office Department into an award-winning national environmental leader;

Become the nation’s leading recycler with more than 20,000 recycling programs;

  • Become the leading user of alternative-fuel vehicles;
  • Become a leading purchaser of recycled products;
  • Reduced non-renewable resource consumption by over 20%;
  • Reduced energy consumption by over 20%; and
  • Developed many innovative products to reduce their customers’ impact on the environment.

For more information on the United Sates Postal Service and its environmental initiatives, contact it at the following addresses:


475 L’Enfant Plaza SW Room 1P830,
Washington DC 20260-6016

Telephone: 202-268-6012
Fax 202-268-6016
Website: www.usps.gov



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