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V Communications, Inc (VCOM)

V Communications (VCOM)VCOM is a leader in PC utilities, with a groundbreaking range of products designed to manage, protect, and maintain today's PCs. VCOM owns and distributes Web Easy™ and Web Easy Professional, which are recognized as the most powerful, easy-to-use web design tools available.

To demonstrate their support of the Ollie Saves the Planet Program, VCOM has fully incorporated a version of the Web Easy software – called Web Easy Express - into the Ollie Saves the Planet CD ROM and Website. This generous gift offers the Ollie user a new dimension in learning, by allowing them to report on and record their own activities and achievements in the form of fully functional web pages.

VCOM understands the importance of educating the community about environmental issues and is a proud supporter of the Ollie Saves the Planet Program.

To find out more information about VCOM and their range of products contact them at;


V Communications, Inc.
2290 North First St., Suite 101
San Jose, CA 95131 USA

Tel: 408.965.4000
Email: sales@v-com.com
Website: www.v-com.com



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