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Aylesford Newsprint Web SiteWith paper accounting for as much as 20 per cent of the nation's domestic waste stream, recycling used newspapers and magazines makes a major contribution to reducing the growing problems of landfill and waste disposal.

Not only does that benefit the environment an independent lifecycle analysis shows that recycling newspapers at Aylesford Newsprint's Kent mill is better for the environment than burning for energy recovery but the conversion of used newspapers and magazines into premium quality newsprint makes a real contribution to the UK's balance of payments.

Recycling also uses less energy than making paper from wood pulp.  Paper recycling releases timber from managed forests for other uses, such as construction and furniture making.

That's where Aylesford Newsprint comes in. Jointly owned by SCA Graphic Paper and Mondi Europe, which have a wealth of experience in quality paper manufacture, Aylesford's 250 million state-of-the-art mill uses the latest technology to produce 380,000 tonnes of 100 per cent recycled newsprint every year.

Recycling 480,000 tonnes of used newspapers and magazines every year represents a complex logistical process which puts the company among the industry leaders.

The process begins at Aylesford's familiar blue paper banks which are sited throughout the south of England and Wales and which form part of a comprehensive collection system which operates in partnership with local authorities, waste management and recycling companies, charities and others to divert a valuable raw material away from landfill and provide an environmentally friendly alternative.

For more information on Aylesford Newsprint please contact:

The Recycling Department
Aylesford Newsprint Ltd
Newsprint House
Bellingham Way
Kent ME20 7DL

Tel: 01622 796 191
Fax: 01622 796 427

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