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Centre for Education and Industry

CEI  Web SiteThe Centre for Education and Industry (CEI) was established in 1987 by the University of Warwick to serve as a centre for the study and dissemination of information and experience of education-business collaboration. It offers research, teaching, consultancy and evaluation services for government departments, business and education at local, regional, national and international levels.

The three main strands of CEI activities are concerned with:

  • vocational education and training - including vocational qualifications;
  • the work-related curriculum - including work experience, teacher placements and work-based learning;
  • the role of education in economic development.

Within these areas CEI can help partners:

establish clear and realistic policies for working with education or business;

review existing programmes in the context of changing educational and social issues;

advise on the design, content, testing and distribution of high quality study materials;  

train managers and staff involved in educational programmes and partnerships;

monitor and evaluate the performance and quality of partnership programmes.

Based at CEI is the national headquarters of the School Curriculum Industry Partnership(SCIP). Since 1978 SCIP has been at the forefront in research and development of education-industry practice. Over that period SCIP has built up a wealth of experience in promoting the joint development of materials and teaching methods in support of the 5-19 curriculum.

For more information on CEI contact:

Centre for Education and Industry
University of Warwick

Tel: 01203 523909
Fax: 01203 523617
Web site:

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