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GroundworkThe Groundwork Foundation has offices in more than 40 areas around England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Expert Groundwork staff are available to help schools get started with a comprehensive 3Rs project and can help you work with Ollie to make a difference.

To see if there is Groundwork near you, check www.Groundwork.org.uk.

Groundwork staff could be helping you by delivering a range of waste and recycling projects, linked to all the important curriculum targets. Participating schools will be able to arrange to borrow multiple copies of the Ollie CD to allow larger numbers of children to work with Ollie at the same time.

Local Groundwork staff can help you build links with waste, recycling, arts and environmental organisations and to design projects that fit your needs. They have a wealth of knowledge about resources and initiatives that will make your project meet your curriculum targets and be fun for all involved."



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