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ixlaIXLA LTD is an international PC photography and Internet software company who's mission is to provide top quality technology, software applications and Internet services for digital photography. 

Their goal is to help people improve the way they use images to communicate despite whether they come from digital cameras or scanners and are published as greeting cards, calendars, photographic prints or on their own web sites.

To support the second edition of the Ollie Recycles Programme within the United Kingdom, IXLA have contributed a new and upgraded version of their web page making software called Web Easy Express.  Like the original Web Easy Programme, Web Easy Express is perfect for use within the classroom or at home and has been designed with the novice in mind - although you'll be surprised at how the experienced web page makers like its easy to use and dynamic features as well.

The condensed version of Web Easy Express contained within this CD ROM contains the following features; 

  • A step-by step tutorial to get you started
  • Pre-designed templates with drag and drop simplicity
  • Image library of photos, clip art, objects and special effects
  • An automatic HTML code application

To upgrade to the full version of Web Easy Express go to the following website -

To find out more information about WebEasy contact:

V Communications, Inc.
2290 North First St., Suite 101
San Jose, CA 95131 USA

Tel: 408.965.4000
Fax: 408.965.4014


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