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Community Groups and Organisations in the United Kingdom

Action Aid Recycling
A community-based organisation that encourages reduction in waste by collecting empty printer, photocopier and fax cartridges, and unwanted mobile phones.  80% of profits go to charity to help over 9 million of the world's poorest people.

Association representing aluminium manufacturers and recyclers in the UK.

Aylesford Newsprint Ltd
Producer of 100% recycled newsprint.

Biffa Waste Services Limited
UK Waste management company.

UK environmental grant giving fund.

British Glass
Association representing glass manufacturers and recyclers in the UK.


Centre for Alternative Technology
UK centre inspiring people from all walks of life to investigate sustainable living.

Centre for Education and Industry
Centre at Warwick University.

Community Compost Network
Local information about composting.

Community Recycling Network
Local and regional recycling information and resources.

Corus Steel Packaging Recycling
Steel manufacturer and recycler.

Earth Centre
A unique and imaginative hands-on visitor attraction and country park

A leading environmental regeneration charity.

INCPEN - Industry National Council for Packaging and the Environment
A non-profit organisation established to research the environmental and social effects of packaging.

Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee
National local authority organisation promoting waste reduction and recycling.

London Borough of Barnet

National Waste Awareness Initiative
Nationwide waste awareness campaign.

Association representing the plastic recyclers in the UK.

Tidy Britain Group
A national charity committed to creating and maintaining high quality local environments.

Waste Watch
Comprehensive list of links to waste management and recycling websites.

Young People's Trust for the Environment
The Young People's Trust for the Environment is a charity which aims to encourage young people's understanding of the environment and the need for sustainability.


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