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RaviHi, I'm Ravi.  Ollie and the rest of us saved our local park from becoming a landfill site. We got everyone in town to reduce the amount of waste they made each week so our council needed less space for rubbish.

I asked our teacher, Mr Clarke, what else we could do - and he helped us create a big compost at our school for food scraps and organic waste.

We built the compost in our science class, and now other teachers use it for environmental studies.

We recorded the amount of rubbish we made at school each week and we've been able to decrease it by 40%. We were really surprised!

You should try it at your school.  Look at the Re-use section of this web site to get some ideas for your compost and I'll get more information for you.

You can talk to me at Ollie & Friends.


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