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TomHello, I'm Tom.  Ollie's in my class at school.  We've been friends for ages.  We have adventures.

Recently, Sally said we should recycle as much of our rubbish as we can, so I'm making a worm bin. It's a great way to get creepy crawlies into the house.

Mum didn't think we could do it because we live in a small flat. But I got the information and showed her that we could start with a small worm bin - the size of a regular bucket.  Our neighbour has his own garden and I'm sure he'll want the stuff the worms make, to help his plants grow.

The CD-ROM has more information about making a worm bin. Look in the Re-use section.

Worms are cool!  Do you like worms too?  Let me know. at Ollie & Friends.

Anyway, see you around.



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