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Energy emitted from sources such as the sun and radioactive materials.

Radioactive waste
Waste products which emit radiation. Radioactive waste often lasts a long time in the environment and can be very harmful to living things.

Species which have small populations or only live in a small number of places, and could become vulnerable or endangered quite quickly.

Raw Materials
Unprocessed substances, or resources, used to make new products.

Recovering and reprocessing materials that would otherwise become rubbish.

Renewable energy
Energy produced from resources that can be used over and over again, eg solar energy.

Renewable resource
A natural resource which can be replaced once it is used up, or used over and over again, eg water, trees.

To fix items, so that they can be reused.

A material which is found naturally in the environment and is used for food or energy or to produce other materials. eg coal, timber.

To use materials again, instead of letting them become rubbish.

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