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Plants which are able to carry water and nutrients up through their roots to their leaves, such as flowering plants and ferns.

Species which are likely to become endangered within the next 25 years, if nothing is done to improve their situation.


Anything that a person owns which is considered no longer useful and needs to be disposed of.

Water table
The level of the top layer of groundwater.

Water vapour
Particles of water suspended in air.

Wind energy
Electricity produced using the movement of air to turn turbines.

Wind turbines
Large windmills that are designed to capture the movement of air and convert it to electricity.

Winter smog
The high levels of particulate air pollution that often occur in winter and are caused by burning fuel for heating.

Worm farm
A type of compost bin that uses worms to help break down organic matter more quickly.


A silvery-white metal which is used for coating iron and steel to protect against corrosion.


This Word Check glossary was compiled using information from:

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