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To break down into smaller components.

Bacteria and fungi which break down dead plant and animal matter, returning nutrients to the soil or water.

A naturally occurring process where organic material is broken down by bacteria or fungi into smaller components.

Developed nations
Countries which are considered to be economically and socially advanced.

Developing nations
Poorer agricultural countries which are still in the process of becoming more socially and economically advanced.

A petroleum product used as fuel in diesel engines.


Ecological footprint
A measure of the impact that an individual or a population has on their environment.

A system made up of a community of living things and the natural environment in which they live and interact.

Ecosystem diversity
The variety of different types of ecosystems in the environment.

The liquid leaving wastewater treatment systems.

Devices and appliances that are run by electricity or batteries.

Substances (solids, liquids and gases) let out into the environment.

Species which are at a high risk of becoming extinct in the near future, if nothing is done to improve their situation.

Ability to do work by moving matter or by transferring heat between objects.

The natural or man-made surroundings in which people, animals and other organisms live.

The wearing away of land surface, such as soil or rock, by wind or water.

An alternative fuel for vehicles, derived from grain and corn and usually blended with gasoline (petrol) to form gasohol.

The conversion of a liquid to a vapour or gas. Evaporation occurs in the water cycle when water heats up and turns into water vapour in the atmosphere.

A term used to describe a species which has not been seen in the wild for at least fifty years.

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