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Ollie Recycles is a website for kids all about the 3R's "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle." It's full of games, puzzles and loads of information for your school projects.  Look out for a cool competition in 2001 where you can win prizes for yourself and your school.

Ollie and his friends will help you around this website and teach you more about the 3R's. If you have any questions you can even write to Ollie he'll help you if he can.

Ollie also has a new CD ROM coming out in mid 2002.  It is called "Ollie Saves the Planet" and wiith the support of leading organisations, every primary school in Australia will receive a free copy of this program.  The new CD ROM has games, activities and heaps more information on the environment. Keep your eye out for this new program or watch Ollie's new website at www.olliesworld.com.

I hope you have fun and remember to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle as much as you can.


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