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 Testimonials from Children

Ollie Saves the Planet Australia

Hi Ollie, I finished all your word puzzles. Can you make some more games to play.
Student, Aged 9

Dear Ollie, can you come and visit my school?
Student, Aged 8

My favourite section on your CD is the Arcade games and also the worms.
Student, Aged 8

Thanks Ollie, I did a project on recycling and I got heaps of stuff off your website. I put out our recycling bin every week and we have compost too.
Student, Aged 11

Ollie Recycles UK

"I honestly didn't know we made that much rubbish!"
Year 5 pupil.

"Can you recycle teeth?"
Year 2 pupil, Middleton St. Philips Catholic School.

"Ollie can do wicked tricks on his bike!"
Year 3 pupil.

Various Year 3 pupils:

"The thing I liked most about 'Ollie Recycles' on the computer was...

  • The quiz, especially when you got cheered by the audience.
  • I liked it when you could make your own worm bin.
  • The story because you could click on all sorts of different things and it was funny but it really taught us about the 3R's, which I liked."

"One thing I learned about the 3R's was...

  • Never waste anything.
  • To recycle more, waste not, want not.
  • That you should think before you throw things away.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle, they are filling up landfill sites.
  • To recycle things like clothes.
  • Do not waste things that can be recycled."



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